Inspection services

Inspection Services

Our services are only carried out by qualified inspectors and consultants, who on average have more than 15 years of practical experience. The independence of International Quality Consultancy B.V. makes it possible to review quality and safety impartially. It’s possible to hire our inspection services for any phase of your project. Besides our Scaffolding Inspectors we also have experienced project managers, constructors and drawers available.

Below you will find an indication of the operations we perform:

  • Performing scaffold inspections with respect to the indicated norm.​​​​​​​
  • Inspection of Ladders and Stairs
  • Inspection of mobile scaffold and components
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Informatietekst keuringsstickers

Products like inspection stickers and more

To document the periodic inspection of your tools or equipment, inspection stickers are used. With these control stickers you can immediately see whether a device can still be used safely. The stickers are marked and pasted on the checked equipment or installation. In this way, for example, they indicate the date of the inspection and the expiration date. This way you can immediately see when the next inspection has to be carried out.


Amount of stickersInspection stickers*Rejected stickers*User manual Ladders and stairs*Scafftag NL
100 units€ 65,-€ 65,-€ 50,-A set (10 units)
€ 95,-
250 units€ 100,-€ 100,-€ 35,-
500 units€ 125,-€ 125,-€ 150,-
1000* units€ 200,-€ 200,-€ 250,-

* Price on request for orders above 1000 units

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